Falling In Love With The Characters

Three days ago, I finished the rough draft for the first piece in my Dark Angel series. It’s gone into the very first stages of getting it ready for consumption. But the biggest surprise for me has been how much I like my characters. But there’s one in particular that has my full attention. He keeps me coming back to my computer again and again to spend time with him.


How often do we read books and find ourselves sucked in to find out more because we just have to spend time with a certain character? What is it about her or him that captures us enough that we sneak away just to catch a glimpse of what they’re up to in the next chapter? Is it all about the physical description that makes us drool, or is there something else that causes us to fantasize…about a fictional character?

I have to admit, just like regular attraction, sometimes the first magnetism comes from the eyes, or, in the case of reading, the description. I find that I just can’t help myself if the hero, or anti-hero, has flashing eyes and a nice physique. And do I care that many, oh so many, of the characters in paranormal romance fit that bill? Not at all! More eye candy for me to imagine!

But the physical attraction can only last for so long. It takes a fully rounded character to keep me interested. I want flaws, I want struggles, and I want some sort of give and take. That means, I want my hero to be able to be both dominant and submissive, and not necessarily in that sexy time sort of way. That goes for his emotional journey as well.

So color me surprised when, as I’m writing, I discover that I’m falling in love with one of my characters – Killian. And now I’m the one who has to provide a full and rounded life for him. Physique – oh yeah, he’s got it. Killian is a fallen angel after all. And boy, does he have some flaws, but all in the best way possible. He keeps me guessing, even though I have a bit of a road map for his journey. Much like his life on the proverbial page, he stands up to my control of him and keeps testing me with his rebellious nature.

Even more surprising to me was that I wanted more from him. Since the story is told not through his eyes but through the heroine’s, I haven’t given him much of a voice. But as I’m waiting for some feedback of the rough draft, I found myself itching to find out more about him. So now, as I wait, I’m writing a prequel short of sorts that tells a bit of his story prior to the beginning of the first book. If he stays as strong as he is, I think he may end up getting his own series in the long run.

I’ve fallen in love (or at least lust) with several characters. That’s what makes me buy into a series and keeps me hanging on for more. It’s what makes me upset when a series comes to an end. I want to spend as much time as possible with the characters. Luckily for us, we can revisit them at the beginning of our first blushes over them whenever we want.

And now, I can say that I’ve fallen in love with my own characters. I just hope that others will feel the same! Until then, I’m reading and writing to rack up as many crushes as I can because that’s what makes life interesting!

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