Laurell K. Hamilton’s Merry Gentry Returns in A Shiver of Light

In her blog, Laurell K. Hamilton announced last year in July 2013 that she would be bringing back her hot faerie Merry Gentry in the first book since Divine Misdemeanors was released in 2009. Now Merry returns on June 3rd in A Shiver of Light!

For a while, Hamilton released a Merry Gentry book close to every year starting in 2000 with A Kiss of Shadows. Along with her other famous character, Anita Blake, Merry garnered much attention for her strong character and, quite frankly, hot sexy scenes. As a vessel for a goddess and a descendent from a fertility god, with most of the overall story arc trying to get her pregnant, we should all expect some hot sexy time. But as the series moved on, sometimes the sexy time overruled the regular plot.

In October 2012, Hamilton wrote on her blog, “I didn’t abandon the Merry series, she and I fought the good fight for nearly six months. She didn’t like my plot for the next book because it screwed up her happily-ever-after. She is demanding a book plot that doesn’t make her now happy life into a misery. She stopped cooperating as a character and I missed a book deadline for the first time in twenty years of writing. I backed off, and let my stubborn Merry have some space, as I’ve moved off to play with Anita and even brand new stories, Merry has slowly begun to deign to talk to me again. I am hopeful that she and I will reach a compromise.”

Looks like the plot worked itself out, and fans of Merry Gentry can rejoice with the new release. Hamilton is also participating in a book tour, so fans across the U.S. may get a chance to meet the author and ask some burning questions.

In the meantime, Hamilton has been revealing pages from A Shiver of Light that feature some of our favorite guys. Here’s a sample from the Darkness himself, Doyle:


She has also shared a sneak peak for Frost, Galen, and Mistral. The Fae world is pretty active, and as always, Merry is on top of things! Tune in for a review of A Shiver of Light in the near future.

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