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After a long absence while writing my upcoming paranormal romance series (that I can’t wait to put out for readers to discover), I’ve also started to upload a Young Adult/New Adult paranormal suspense story on Wattpad.

Click on Cover to Read!

Earlier, I posted about Why Wattpad, and how writers could benefit from adding their writing on the popular site. The reason I’m choosing to post a story there now even while getting another book ready to publish is because it’s a different way to reach readers. I will be adding a chapter each week. And I can change the story according to reader feedback as I go. While I’m editing what I put out there, I have the opportunity to stay pretty fluid with the story.

In case you’re interested, here’s the scoop on Grim Consequences:

Eighteen-year-old Ever Hart enjoys every ounce of freedom in her freshman year of college. After years of living with her overprotective mother, Ever, along with her best friend Cam and her new roommate, is determined to experience the best and worst of college, even if it kills her. But when Ever actually finds herself dead, her whole world changes when her gorgeous personal Grim Reaper tells her that her death is a mistake and the beginning of chaos amongst the dead that will affect all of the living if they cannot solve the mystery behind her death. In this suspenseful paranormal romance, Ever must maintain the delicate balance between life and death while training as a new Reaper, solving her murder, and falling in love. As she finds out – Death doesn’t always mean the end.

Grim Consequences will be a nice way to get to know my writing while you’re waiting for the big announcement for my upcoming series! Click on the cover above or HERE to start reading!

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