Celebrate my birthday with Mel & Hunter! Sweet Melody: Rock & Rodeo Romance Book 1 is now live! FREE for Kindle Unlimited, or $.99 for a limited time!

Man with tattooed muscular torso with gift boxes

I can’t stop smiling today. And not because I’m surrounded by family or getting to watch Ant-Man in IMAX 3D today (squee!). I’m so grateful to have time with them.

But I can’t help but be pleased to see that others can now fall in love with Hunter & Mel like I have. Knowing that they’re now out there for everyone else to discover is the best gift!!

In the next week, I’ll be sharing a FREE follow-up short with Hunter & Mel to subscribers of my newsletter as well as the first couple of chapters of Warm Body: Rock & Rodeo Romance Book 2. Don’t miss out! SUBSCRIBE so you can have a little more of Mel & Hunter, and to meet Kali and Justin.

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