Jaye Ripley Profile SizeMy name is Jaye Ripley. I’ve loved writing all my life, starting with the very first story my mom saved—a handwritten story about going to the pool written in first grade. It’s a true masterpiece.

Lately, I’ve been writing what I’ve primarily been reading—ROMANCE! For my own work, I focus on both contemporary romance as well as paranormal romance. I’ll be releasing a bit of both.

I’ve lived primarily on the East Coast of the United States most of my life, spending most of my time in the Southern parts. So spooks and ghosts haunted my world long before I began writing. Some of my favorite writers influenced me on the way, like Mary Shelley to more contemporary writers like Cassandra Clare. I’m also a huge fan of romance writers such as MJ Summers, K. Bromberg, SL Jennings (wow, maybe I should just use initials for my name), Kristen Proby, Katy Evans, and on and on.

I’m always interested in participating in a community, so please feel free to find me on Twitter @jayeripley. Or talk to me here through the comments.

Here are some aspects to my writing that you may find when reading:

For Contemporary Romance

  • Males or females can dominate depending on the situation.
  • Happily Ever After comes with the territory.
  • If it doesn’t get you hot, then I’m not doing it right.
  • A good climax is worth waiting for.   😉

For Paranormal Romance

  • Girls can learn or already know how to kick butt.
  • Magic exists.
  • Villains don’t think they are the bad guys. They think they are in the right, and their choices and actions are made on that assumption.
  • Sometimes a cliffhanger is necessary. One word—ANTICIPATION

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