Pre-Order Sweet Melody: Rock & Rodeo Romance Book 1

Ring the bells, dance for joy, jump up and down!! At least that’s how I feel announcing that Sweet Melody is now available for PRE-ORDER on Amazon at a limited-time offer of $.99! From Story Seductress, Jaye Ripley, comes Sweet Melody, the first full-length, standalone novel in the Rock & Rodeo Romance Series It was only supposed to be one…Read more »

Jaye & Stacia: A Reboot Story

Reboot:  verb – 1. (with reference to a computer system) boot or be booted again; 2. restart or revive (a process or sequence, especially a series of films or television programs); give fresh impetus to. noun – 1. an act or instance of booting a computer system again; 2. something, especially a series of films or television programs, that…Read more »