An Honest Review of Fifty Shades of Grey Movie

Stacia Underwood

When the studio decided to release Fifty Shades of Grey over Valentine’s weekend, they took a huge chance in pushing the movie as a romantic movie choice. And the hordes of naysayers descended on the movie like vultures ready to pick it apart to its bones. I’m here to be a part of the clear minority that believes that the movie achieved what it set out to do, to present a romantic movie and push the romance genre into new visual territory, just like the book did for the fiction genre.

Fifty Shades Tie

Several of my friends decried the movie WITHOUT EVER SEEING IT!! First and foremost, I personally think that no one should pass judgment on anything like a movie or book without having personal knowledge of it. That’s one of the reasons I read Fifty Shades to begin with—to see why it was so popular. And while I agreed that…

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